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Welcome to the Expanded Contemporary Dance programme

Looking for an exciting international career as a dance performer? Then join our innovative, Expanded Contemporary Dance programme. Develop your unique talent in this highly diverse programme exploring social, urban and non-western dances and their relation to European and American theatre dance traditions. We challenge you to contribute to shaping the future of dance!

Live video call

Zaterdag 29 januari
11:30 - 12:00 uur

Maak kennis met de opleiding...
Gesprek met studenten en artistiek leider van de opleiding.

Live chat

Zaterdag 29 januari
11:30 - 12:00 uur 

Stel je vraag aan studenten in de live chat hieronder.

Student projects

Registrations of the Mid-term Performances 'New Works'  2020 & 2019

Useful links

Website Academy of Theatre and Dance - Expanded Contemporay Dance 

Contact - Expanded Contemporary Dance 
When you have questions about the ATD Open Day programme, please contact the helpdesk