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Online open day for the Academy of Theatre and Dance

Welcome at the online open day of the Academy of Theatre en Dance

The online open day of the Academy of Theatre and Dance (ATD) will take place on Saturday 23 January 2021 from 10:30 hrs.- 17:00 hrs. An open day where you can get acquainted with all the study courses of the ATD from your own sofa. A packed programme with live chats with students and teachers, presentations by artistic directors and a live stream show 'ATD-live'.

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What can you study at the ATD?

Today you can taste the atmosphere of the Academy of Theatre and Dance online and find out whether a study programme matches your interests, talent and capacities: is this study something for you? In which stage discipline do you want to specialize? Take a look at the pages of our study programmes, via the buttons on the left side of this page.

The facilities of the ATD - To make your dreams come true!

Via the top button 'About the Academy' on the left you will find information about the academy as a whole. The workshops, library, IDlab and Health & Performance of the Academy of Theatre and Dance are ready for you to realise your artistic plans.

Live stream programme 'ATD-live'

Watch the livestream programme 'ATD-live' from the Danstheater, below. With interviews, conversations, performances, discussions and information sessions.

Questions? Chat with us! 

Do you have a question? Would you like to get tips about which study programmes pages to visit? We are ready to help you on Saturday 23 January from 10:15 hrs!

In the chat box on the Dutch homepage you can chat with us on Saturday 23 January. 

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions on our website.

Programme 'ATD-live' from the Dance-theatre

Our vibrant, international academy is a place where everyone can dream, think and create freely. Where ideas can flow unconfined. Where diversity is the norm.

In the live stream programme 'ATD-live' you can see fragments from (dance) performance and also there are performances by our song-performers. Future actors, performers, directors, dancers, choreographers, set and costume designers, light and sound designers and (technical) producers talk about their work and their experiences at the academy.

10:40 hrs. - Opening programme

Presentation Moreen Beentjes and Cripta Scheepers

10:45 hrs. - Scenography study programme

Presentation by and interview with fourth-year student Alexandra van den Akker about her graduation project in collaboration with  Conservatory of Amsterdam

11:05 hrs.    BREAK 

11:10 hrs. - Theatre Directing study programme

Presentation by and interview with fourth-year students Zephyr Brüggen and Konstantinos Vasilakopoulos

11:30 hrs.    BREAK 

11:35 hrs. - Drama and Contemporary Music (ATKA)

Song performance by and interview with Melvin Aroma, Sara Visser and Fedja Louman

11:55 hrs.    BREAK 

12:25 hrs. - Theatre in Education Full-time

Artistic director Lenne Koning talks to students about their studies and projects; Tamar Lagas (4th year) Tomy Huijbregts (3rd year), Sarah Sahertian (2nd year) and Nabil Benkers (1st year)

12:55 hrs.       BREAK 

13:00 hrs - Dutch National Ballet Academy (NBA)

The course shows three live solos danced by students Yuta Irikura (student BA3), Nicola Jones (student BA2) and Alberto Ortega de Pablos (student BA2). This is followed by an interview with artistic director Ernst Meisner.

13:20 hrs. BREAK 

13:30 hrs. - Dance in Education study programme

The course shows live two choreos that are danced by second-year students.
1st group: Jonathan van Slooten, Jay Haynes, Nikki Duin, Ashley Affolter & Quincy Otgaar
In between and afterwards an interview takes place with the teacher, choreographer Melvin Fraenk and the students.
2nd group: Maxime Rebel, Loujain Afsharzada, Xaviera Nibte, Sanne Noort, Jay Lattig

13:50 hrs.       BREAK 

14:00 hrs. - Mime School

Fourth-year students Gerben Vaillant and Alexei Ovsiannikov show fragments of their work and talk about their project and study.

14:25 hrs. BREAK 

14:30 hrs. - Theatre in Education Accelerated Programme

Two students on the programme talk to each other; Ariadna Rubio Lleó and Farell van Orsoy

14:55 hrs. BREAK 

15:00 hrs. - Expanded Contemporary Dance 

Class Urban by teacher: Melvin Fraenk (with short introduction) and interview with students afterwards.
Participants ECD1 and ECD2 students: Amisha Kumra (Norway), Dicko Din (Germany), Jimi Dormans (Netherlands), Peer Jonkers (Netherlands), Sem Deliveyne (Belgium)

15:30 hrs. - Design & Technology

Third-year student Titus Duitshof and second-year students Rembrandt Pieplenbosch and Mano Nijkerk talk about the programme and are interviewed about their part in the project

15:50 hrs. BREAK 

16:00 hrs. Production and Stage Management

Fourth-year students Belle Lammers and Jan de Ronde are interviewed about the study and their graduation projects, of which they also show material

Credits 'ATD-Live' @ Danstheater Open Day Academy of  Theatre and Dance 2021

Presentation: Moreen Beentjes and Cripta Scheepers
Image direction: Paul van der Ploeg and Willem Weemhoff
Content-image direction and stage manager: Sander Schaart
Camera: Hessel Hilgersom, Fiona Versteeg, Ward ten Voorde
Light: Marco Broere and Hessel Hilgersom
Sound: Dave Krooshof
Flying keep: Jurre Pöpping
Stage director: Maureen Krumeich
Creative Producer: Arjan Schoolderman
Production management: Dorothea Sinnema
Website and streaming: Brechje Glass, Erik Lint, Wouter van Loon, Willem Weemhoff