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Nationale Balletacademie


The Dutch National Ballet Academy (NBA) is the premier programme for classical ballet in the Netherlands. The professional ballet school trains talented young dancers at the highest level, bringing their skills up to the professional standards required by the world’s leading dance companies.

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13:00 -  13:30 hrs - 'ATD-live' - watch live solos of students of the The Dutch National Ballet Academy (NBA) in the live stream 'ATD-live' on Saturday 23 January.

watch live stream 'ATD-live'


Have a look at our Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page with a list of questions and answers of the Dutch National Ballet Academy (NBA).

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Live question & answer on Instagram @denationaleballetacademie.

[COUNTDOWN] until the online open day

End of year performance 2019 'Dansers van Morgen'

Solos students 

Classical solos:
Alberto Ortega de Pablos, Yuma Funai, Nicola Jones, Soshi Suzuki

Solos students 

Modern solos:
Guillerme Vicente, Grace Humphris, Nicola Jones, Arthur Erlanson