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Welcome to SNDO - School for New Dance Development

The SNDO - School for New Dance Development - offers a full time four-year professional education course leading to a Bachelor's degree in Art – Choreography.

The school was founded in 1975 as an attempt to find new directions for dance next to the existing forms and styles that dominated the field. After forty years, the SNDO remains inquisitive, open minded, and in the foreground of progressive developments in the fields of dance and performance.

In the curriculum, the school establishes the conditions from which the creativity of the student can emerge. Reflection on the specific qualities of dance and performance as art forms is developed, and awareness of the body and the artistic implications of working with it take precedence.

Live video call

Zaterdag 29 januari
11:30 - 12:00 uur

Maak kennis met de opleiding...
Gesprek met studenten en artistiek leider van de opleiding.

Live chat

Zaterdag 29 januari
11:30 - 12:00 uur 

Stel je vraag aan studenten in de live chat hieronder.

SNDO Intensive Course 2022

For everyone who wants to get an overall impression of the program of the SNDO we organize an Intensive Course. Due to the measures taken against the spread of the coronavirus the upcoming edition of the SNDO Intensive Course will be organized online for one week.

The Intensive Course is an addition to the regular BA course, designed for those who wish to refresh their ideas on choreography and / or who wish to prepare themselves for the SNDO auditions.

The Intensive Course gives participants the opportunity to practice the art of dance making under the professional guidance of SNDO staff teachers and graduates.

The classes covered in 2022 include Choreography with Aitana Cordero, Movement Research with Bruno Listopad and Art & Theory with Joy Mariama Smith.The course takes place online from 24 January - 28 January 2022.

Limited spots are available. Ensure yours by applying on time:
Send an email to

Student projects 

Peter Scherrebeck Hansen - student SNDO 3
Album for Endo

SNDO Forest Online 
This forest is an online ecosystem featuring studies, exercises and sketches, as well as fairly rounded bodies, ideas and creations of SNDO – School for New Dance Development students.